Happy 2nd Birthday Z!

Calvin and I had the privilege of a special little trip to CA, just the two of us (while William had school and Daddy and him got some special time together).
We welcomed Auntie Tata and Uncle Yudi as they moved to the United States as Sasaoka's and we got to celebrate Ziara's 2nd birthday with the family.  We attempted to surprise Tauna and Yudi but someone got a sneak peek at a text message that spilled the beans.  None the less, we had a great time.  Always fun to visit.
One of my absolute favorites...The joy on her face is uncontainable obvious.


Feeding his funny face fetish while they took selfies on my phone (o;
Super glad these two will now be here every time we visit.
Love these three.
Can hardly believe they have a 2 yr old now.
Here's to three!


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