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Carol Stewart-In the Arms of Jesus

The Stewart family has been one of our sweet family friends since our time at Canby Christian.  Actually, Ahna started out as my dental hygienist and slowly brought her whole family to CCC...That was nearly 7 years ago.  Her sweet mother in law, Carol and her would be there every Sunday.  And, fairly recently, Curtis and I got the privilege of being asked to be Mike and Ahna's kid's (Trent and Josie) caretakers if something were to happen to both of them.  I've been in multiple bible studies with Carol and Ahna and have grown to love them both, as well as their families.

Carol had struggled in the past with lung cancer before going into remission.  Within the last year or so the cancer had come back and spread to the point of her liver.  There wasn't much they could do.  I sensed a peace in Carol as she struggled.  Because we have been in the process of moving, it was more of an effort I had to make to see them.  I brought over a meal this past Nov and thoroughly enjo…