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Misc. Cuteness

There are always so many little things that happen during a day that I just don't want to forget...
So, here's just a random jot down of all those "little things"

William translation (a couple of my favorites):
"Pepoh"=pillow (so therefore his dinosaur pillow pet = "pepoh pet"...too cute)
"Chekup"= ketchup
"Bobin"= bottom (this one is by far my favorite. Especially when he says, "Mom, my "bopin" itches!"
"Pile"= smile (he's not too good at the "s" sound yet (o; )
The other day William got stung by a bee (for the second time in his little life). It got him twice, right on the top of his shoulder. After crying a bit and Mama holding him for awhile, he says through his sobs, "Mom, did the bee put honey in me?" He knows from Gpa Greg that bees make honey...Sweet William just got sweeter (o;
Grandma Marsha told me this story: She was watering her flowers and…


Who needs them anymore?!?!?!? Here William is showing us where diapers should really be worn...Because he's a BIG BOY that doesn't need them anymore!!!! Since his third birthday in February, we could probably count on one hand the # of accidents he's had during the day. He still wears a pull-up during nap and at bedtime, but I think we're even pretty close to no more accidents at nap time (or "quiet time" as he likes to call it these days...Nap time implies that you have to sleep (even though he pretty much does every time anyways)). All the advice I was given to introduce, teach and then let it ride was what worked for William. We did a lot of "practicing" outside (particularly on trees, weeds, rocks, etc.) this last Summer and then I told myself I wasn't going to push anything too heavily, especially since I knew Calvin was coming in the Fall. Literally, once he turned 3, it was like a light switch flipped on. He got it. And it was hi…

May 9th-13th, 2012 WINEMA!

This was our second annual trip to WINEMA with our church for Family Camp. I grew up attending WINEMA for church camp every summer from 3rd grade until I was a Senior in High School. And although the camp has changed quite a bit since I was there as a child, it still holds many great memories. Curtis offered his tree cutting services to the camp the first two days we were there. With the # of trees they've got around the place, I think he'll stay busy for the next 20yrs if he helps them out each time we go! We stayed in a cabin this year next to a couple other families which made it fun. Right outside our door, within viewing distance, a boys heaven...a large sand dune! I think William, Calvin and I spent close to 2hrs there every morning, no joke. We had taken a dump truck and a tractor and with all the other little boys running around, there was always fun to be had! One little boy...One big dune. He was so serious about digging this hole..I asked him where …

May 13th, 2012 Happy Mother's Day

I think about how my life has changed since becoming a Mom. After trying to think of just one word to sum it up...I realized I can't. Blessed...Maybe that's it. It's truly what I am. Just over 4 yrs ago we had a strong desire to have just one child. So many prayers went into the fertility process. And how blessed we were to receive our little William. Now, some days I still don't even believe that I'm now looking at two precious gifts. Life will never be the same, and I wouldn't ever want it to be. The love I have for these two boys is indescribable. There were always those who told me what it meant to be a Mom and how the love I would have for my children was unlike any other. But until I experienced it on my own; until I held my tiny babes in my arms for the first time and now as I watch them grow, did I ever understand what that love would really mean. Oh how I wonder at times how God saw me fit to raise two of His children. That's when that …

May 8th, 2012 Half a year has passed already...

It's been 6 months since we welcomed Mr. Calvin into this world. Looking back at pictures, even just a few months ago, he's changed so much. He's gotten comments on his chubby cheeks from day #1 and they just continue to draw my kisses to his face. Good thing they're not edible...I'd eat 'em up (o; What an amazingly cute little boy you're turning into Calvin. I'm writing this a week or so after your official 6 month mark, so I could write down a few more things... You can't quite roll over yet, but you're pretty close to sitting up! I still have to guard you on each side, but you lean forward and reach for things in front of you like a pro. You love sitting up and watching William run around like a wild man. Won't be long before you WILL be able to get up and chase him! Not that I had forgotten this stage, but it still amazed me how quickly, once you found your hands and feet, that everything els…