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June 23rd 2011, 18 weeks with #2

Today marks 18 weeks with baby #2. Only a few short weeks and we should be able to find out whether we're expecting a little brother or sister for William! We are SO excited!

...And then William wanted to climb on my back..."Monkey Mama!" he screamed! He fits a little differently these days (o:

June 19th, 2011 Happy Father's Day Dada!

I was schedule to work tonight so I had set up for a little party that my two boys (Daddy and his son) could enjoy while I was away. I ended up getting put on-call and so got to enjoy the party with them! We had pizza (Daddy's favorite), root-beer, chocolate cake with red frosting (we're helping William learn his colors...why not through food?! (o: ) and ice cream. I rented Toy Story (William had never seen it) and we are now on a movie marathon with Little Rascals following (on of our favorites)...2 movies in a row!!! What a lucky little boy.
And that he lucky little boy. I am so thankful for the family I've been blessed with. And I'm SO thankful that God has given William Curtis as his Daddy. It is so fun watching the two of them learn and grow together. I look forward to continuing to watch William grow into the man he will be one day...And if it's even half the man that Curtis is, then I will be one thankful Mama.

Here's a picture of William…

June 14th, 2011 I felt a kick!

Okay, so it didn't feel like I was being kicked in the gut, but I'm sure it was as hard as this little bean inside of me can muster up at the size of a baked potato (just giving you an idea of how big he or she is at this stage). I've been waiting (lying still each night before falling asleep...) to feel this baby move and today there was no mistaking it (No Dad, I didn't have beans or cabbage soup for dinner). Little, tiny, repetitive kicks that felt like someone was flicking me inside. It is such a reassurance that this little one is alive and well. Now that the nausea is gone and I've been feeling pretty good, I've wondered every day about the baby's health. Thank you Lord for the small things in life that make a Mommy smile. May Your hands continue to mold and shape this little one into who they will become when I get to meet them.

June 9th, 2011 16 weeks with #2

I can hardly believe I'm approaching 4 months of pregnancy with this little one. Where does the time go? I guess having a 2 year old to occupy my time (and energy!) makes the time pass more quickly than I feel it did when I was pregnant with William. He still gives the baby (my belly) hugs and kisses and tells me there's a baby inside. I'm so curious how he will react when that little baby is actually real and occupying Mama's time (o:

He is so curious about how my "outie" belly button.

*And for those that are interested, I'm growing at a steady rate. I've grown from a 28" waist at 4 weeks to 33 1/2"! I think my body is attuned to what it means to be pregnant this time around...grow, grow, grow!

June 5th-8th, 2011 Our trip to Hermiston!

It was long overdue...A trip to see Grandma and Grandpa in Hermiston. We had such a good time! We were able to help them out with a few house projects (our belated Christmas present to them!) as well as visit and spend quality time. And even though William doesn't see his Grandpa Terry and Grandma Loretta too often, he knew exactly who they were, "Gampa and Gamma" (o:

Yes, William did help us work. He does such a good job!

Watering Grandma's flowers...Okay, it's been raining enough they didn't need watered, but he had fun (and stayed busy).

Measuring some wood...He's still working on his measurements (o:

He even found some treasures!

Hangin' with Grandma and Grandpa

Being one of the men, while helping with the deck project...I think he could play ALL day with a drill, some drill bits and some screws. He'll even wear the battery down and hand it to you saying, "Mama, dead. Ba-rees (his version of batteries)."

Grandpa and Grandma, thank yo…

June 2nd, 2011 Tasting the Wind...

We were driving home from a day of shopping and had to move William's car seat next to the window in order to fit some of our purchases in the back of the car. As you can see, I don't think he liked it. Fortunately we had the camera in the car so I could catch the moment and share it with you (o: