June 9th, 2011 16 weeks with #2

I can hardly believe I'm approaching 4 months of pregnancy with this little one. Where does the time go? I guess having a 2 year old to occupy my time (and energy!) makes the time pass more quickly than I feel it did when I was pregnant with William. He still gives the baby (my belly) hugs and kisses and tells me there's a baby inside. I'm so curious how he will react when that little baby is actually real and occupying Mama's time (o:

He is so curious about how my "outie" belly button.

*And for those that are interested, I'm growing at a steady rate. I've grown from a 28" waist at 4 weeks to 33 1/2"! I think my body is attuned to what it means to be pregnant this time around...grow, grow, grow!


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