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Calvin's first apt at Great Grins

This kid just rocked it at his very first dentist apt.!  Given our experience with William, I was a bit nervous.  This apt reminded me just how different our boys are.  Their unique personalities give each of them separate perspectives to the same experiences.  And although I was still a bit fearful that Calvin might be intimidated by the dentist chair, I (as well as the rest of the dental staff) was proven wrong. Look at this kid!  He doesn't even know what he's smiling about yet! Mouth wide open the entire time...Amazed me. He even let them take some bitewing xrays...They were doubly impressed at this point.   They even took a few pics and posted them on their Great Grins Dentistry page and if I could get them to upload here, I would have (o;  They told me that they couldn't remember a three year old ever doing as well as he did on their first visit.  They were even more impressed when I told him he had just turned three a little over a week ago. Overal

Veteran's Day

I asked William why he didn't have school today and he told me, "So the teachers can work without us bugging them."  (o; It was time to learn the real reason why he got a day off of school for Veteran's Day... Hands on activities are the best way to learn when you're five...(or two (Avery)...or three (Calvin)!) Flag fun with friends Evan and Avery! Evan was so proud of his flag. These two crack me up. They giggled pretty much the entire time they glued stripes on (although they're looking pretty serious in this pic). Apparently it's a lot of work to hold up a flag so Mom can take a picture (o;   Minus drawing ALL the stars on our flags, I was proud of these kiddos and their flags.  And whether or not they took anything away from our little lesson, at least they had fun.

Calvin's Third Birthday!

Was it really three years ago that we welcomed this little guy into our world?!  Never ceases to amaze me at how time flies by (and I'm sure that's probably the hundredth time I've written that in this blog). Yes, Calvin's now three.  We couldn't be more thankful for how God has blessed us with his life.  In his short three years he has become quite personable (with whomever he comes across), extremely lovable (both to his family as well as his friends), compassionate (always asking about others) and yes, even a bit stubborn, rough and gruff (isn't every three year old little boy?!).  It's amazing how different him and his brother are.  And yet, they compliment each other so well.  They have their brotherly squabbles, but for the most part they get along and, you can tell, love each other deeply.  It's so neat to see the brother bond continue to grow. Along with being another year older, comes the task of getting another finger up on your hand when s