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Our latest addition



In a little boy's world, bubble wands can be guns...
And when you run a holster short...No worries.

There's always a solution.  Armed and ready for battle...

(The most hilarious part was watching him run around like this;trying to keep all his "guns" in their proper spot.  I was laughing so hard I didn't get a video.)



August 8th, 2012 9 Months Old

Ah, the life of a nine month old...It's rough learning out to crawl!

You’re not quite there yet, but you’re sure trying to get up on all fours!And you're fabulous at scooting backwards.  I’m betting you'll get the hang of it within the next couple of  weeks.
You are super smiley (o;And I just love the way you scrunch up your nose.  You do it so infrequently it was a little hard to catch it.  This will do:

You still LOVE to eat…If you’re hungry, you’ll pretty much try anything I put in front of you.You’ve even taken a liking to tofu…

You've also started talking.  Vocab is a bit limited, but you're first words were "DaDa"  (just like your brother).

At your 9 month appointment, you weighed in at 21.8lbs (which dropped you into the 69th percentile...(o;  ).  Don't worry, you're still the cause of the continual increase in my upper body strength.  You're definitely on the move, but you still like a good Mama hold.

You've managed to cut through eigh…

August 1st-5th Our 3rd Annual Lost Lake Trip

Becoming a family tradition that we look forward to every year...Lost Lake: The first weekend in August. It was definitely a highlighted trip this year.
Aug. 1st, While playing the dump truck wins and William experiences his first bloody nose…Sorry, no pictures of this one.
Aug. 2nd, William caught his first fish!A little 8 1/4th “ trout just long enough to keep (o;Not that he wanted to dare eat it or even touch it, but he was proud of himself none the less.

Aug. 3rd, Sean’s thumb and fish hook battle…fish hook wins.Trip to the Hood River ER and back to camp without skipping a beat.  Don't worry Sean-no pictures of this one either. *AND William catches his 2nd fish!

Aug. 4th, William surprised me and joined the rest of the boys and swam in the lake.It helped that it was pretty warm out, but the water was still COLD!WAY TO GO WILLIAM!

Here's just a few more of my favorites...