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October 12th, 2010 Bauman Farms

We visited the pumpkin patch with our good friends Emily & Gavin. I had never been to Bauman Farms and they've got quite a bit to enjoy! William still isn't quite old enough to enjoy it all, but I think he loved it just the same. We made it through about 1/4 of the hay maze (o: Just Me and my Buddy My favorite...Tractor!

October 1st, 2010 Following in his Daddy's footsteps

William has been so cute helping his Daddy with our current remodel project. It has been so fun watching him mimick Daddy's actions with certain tools and crouch down beside him like he's ready to help. He loves to find any little empty hole to stick a screwdriver or screw into. We slid many drawers in only to take them back out and find that William had put a screw into a small hole that was hindering the drawer from sliding in. Pretty hillarious. He was always proud of himself...even clapped his hands. Here's a picture of one of his small projects. I was working, not entirely paying attention to what he was up to (who can keep there eye on a toddler ALL the time?!). I later discovered that he was traveling from a box of screws to a wall cabinet that was still lying on the floor. The pictures tell the rest of the story... When I finally noticed what he was doing, he would show me an empty hole, sign "more", go get another screw, put it in the hole