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September 30th...a must see


Aug. 22nd, 2011 A visit from Uncle Thomas and Auntie Mel!

What a treat! Uncle Thomas and Auntie Mel came up and visited while on their way to vacation in the San Juan Islands. Although our time was short, we loved every minute of it! I just love watching William with them. I only wish we/they could visit more often. I make sure William remembers them by singing their names (he likes us to sing him "happy" song- "If you're happy and you know it!"- where we fill in different people's names in the verses) or including them in our prayers since we don't see them very often. You should hear William tell you where they live..."Coweeforia!" (California)...It's pretty hilarious how he says it.

Hangin' out

Walking at Silver Falls...Uncle Thomas, William and my cousin Addi

"Auntie Mel (he says it more like "Mow"), hold me!" ...He knows how to sucker her in (o:

William was loving the fort they made our living room into!

Thanks again for coming to visit us! WE LOVE YOU!

Aug. 16th, 2011 Boys and their toys!

So apparently Curtis doesn't have to wait a couple years before William can help him with projects...Take a look for yourself...
Here he is helping Daddy level the gravel in our garage with the Compactor. I was amazed he even wanted near the thing with how noisy and vibrating it was. Guess his ear protection is working well!

Funny little side note, Curtis stepped out of the way and William got nervous that he couldn't see him. So what did he do? He left the compactor to run away by itself while he ran to find Dad. Unfortunately I didn't catch that one on camera (o:

He became quite confident in his new skill of running a piece of machinery twice the size of himself. If Dad tried to steer him in the right direction, he would promptly push his hand away...

Oh how fun this will be to look back on in a few years...

Aug. 11th, 2011 Already 25 weeks with Boy#2!

I missed out on my 24 week prego pic while we were camping last week. So here we are at 25 weeks...Where did the time go?

Aug. 2nd-7th, 2011 Lost Lake Camping 2011

We have enjoyed a camping trip with our Life Group from church the past 3 years. The first time we went William was barely 6 months old. This makes it his 3rd camping trip before he's even three! He only enjoys the dirt and outdoor living all the more every year! We always have a blast.

Here's William and Payton getting the kayaks ready for our trip to Lost Lake!

Daddy and William enjoying a swing on the hammock.

Our annual family pic with the picturesque view of Mt. Hood in the background. It's such a beautiful place to camp.

No, we didn't let him paddle himself out into the middle of the lake (o: Maybe some day...

His first kayak trip...and he cried the whole way. Mom had to rescue Dad from a crying William that wanted his "Mamma!"

William and Mama just chillin' by the fire...One of the many camping luxuries.

William loved it when Dad dipped his head in the lake. Dad was the only silly one to submerge himself into the frigid waters.

William an…