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Last weekend in July: The Gant Family Reunion

 The Annual  Powers,OR  Gant Family Reunion Camping trip...I think William had cousin withdrawls after the weekend was over (o;  Here's a few of my favorites... The boys... Grandma 'Retta, you're so funny! We learned on this camping trip that everything in moderation is best...Including watermelon... Don't judge me...This is what happens when you don't have girls to make daisy chains for.  And besides, he's so stinkin adorable, don't you think? The rear view. Takin' a walk, just me and Grandpa. This one tops all.  Definitely my favorite.  Surrounded by the future generation of Gant men (well, maybe not Rags, but he's a boy too and so he fit well into the picture.)  It'll be a few years before we can get one where ALL of them are looking at the camera and smiling (o;

The Max Story...

A sad day on the Gant Ranch…. Our oldest dog Max (8yrs) played too hard yesterday on some irrigation pipe which resulted in slicing his left hind leg. Not sure when it actually happened but yesterday evening I saw a bit of blood. True to Max’s demeanor he wouldn’t let me check it out to well and of course, Curtis was at work. We made an appointment today at the local animal Hospital at 10:30 and dropped him off with the expectation of a small surgery to stitch him up and then a Max back in action within a few days. We got a call from the vet (while in surgery with Max) saying that after she had sedated him and got the hair cut back, the cut was huge and deep: approximately 18” long and jagged and starting at this knee. The Dr. said that after cutting the dead tissue out there wouldn’t be enough to close the wound completely, thus causing further issues. With this finding came a proposed bill of $2-3 thousand dollars. Option #2 costs about the same and included a surgeon and ski

8 months old!

I can hardly believe you’re 8 months old today.   Next thing you know, we’ll be celebrating your first birthday… Here's William @ 8 months: Calvin @ 8 months: I think you and you're brother are looking more and more uniquely different every day. Here’s what you’ve been up to these days: (1)       You’ve taken quite a liking to food!   It took a bit to warm up to, but now you’ll pretty much try anything.   Even the mushy stuff that you’re brother never tolerated (o;    You’re favorites: bananas, applesauce blueberries and ritz crackers.      *Bananas and Avocado!  *Hmmm what’s this?...A prune!     Big Brother loves to help *Strawberry leaves?  I LOVE my food! (2)     You can sit up and roll over very well!   You haven’t started any attempts at crawling, but no doubt it’ll come soon enough.   You reach for anything and everything around you and particularly love it when I sit you down in the grass (you pull so much up we’v