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Last weekend in July: The Gant Family Reunion

The Annual  Powers,OR  Gant Family Reunion Camping trip...I think William had cousin withdrawls after the weekend was over (o; 
Here's a few of my favorites...

The Max Story...


8 months old!

I can hardly believe you’re 8 months old today.Next thing you know, we’ll be celebrating your first birthday…
Here's William @ 8 months:
Calvin @ 8 months:
I think you and you're brother are looking more and more uniquely different every day.

Here’s what you’ve been up to these days: (1)You’ve taken quite a liking to food!It took a bit to warm up to, but now you’ll pretty much try anything.Even the mushy stuff that you’re brother never tolerated (o;You’re favorites: bananas, applesauce blueberries and ritz crackers.
*Bananas and Avocado! 
*Hmmm what’s this?...A prune! Big Brother loves to help

*Strawberry leaves?
 I LOVE my food!
(2)You can sit up and roll over very well!You haven’t started any attempts at crawling, but no doubt it’ll come soon enough.You reach for anything and everything around you and particularly love it when I sit you down in the grass (you pull so much up we’ve nicknamed you “Thatcher”)
*Getting’ used to the walker… Not likin' it at first.

(3)You do lo…