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Feb. 28th, 2009 Great Aunt Esther 3 weeks

My Great Aunt Esther went home to be with the Lord today after a long battle with cancer. What an amazing woman of God she was. An incredible pillar of faith and portrayal of the Lord's strength despite the cancer that fought inside of her. I am pleased with the thought that she now rests in the arms of our Lord...pain free. I am also very glad that I was able to introduce Esther to my son. We went to visit on Valentines day while my parents and Grandma were in town. I will post some pictures of us with Esther.

William was also graced with one of Great Uncle Tom's little bunnies on his hand (a long time tradition).

Feb. 27th, 2009 Meeting for the first time...2 weeks, 6 days

Curtis' dad and step-mom came to see William for the first time. We had a fun visit with them before they headed down to Eugene to visit other family. William was wide awake when they first got here, fixing his eyes on Grandpa Terry and Grandma 'Retta. He had a rough go the second day they were here, not sleeping for any longer than 1/2 hour at a time and just crying at the top of his lungs for most of the day...not fun. Definitely when you wish they could just talk and tell you what was bugging them (o: I'm sure it's not the last time we'll have a day like that!

Feb. 26th, 2009 Check up 2 weeks, 5 days

Both William and I had doctor's appointments today. I found out that the midwife practice that I have been seeing throughout my pregnancy is ending as of March 13th. I am very glad I was able to see them my entire pregnancy and am just bummed that if we have another child I'll have to see someone else.

William went in for a check up and weighs 8 lbs 1 oz already (they had me keep his diaper on...who knows the weight of the load in his drawers at the time)! I was glad to see that he's continuing to gain weight. Dr. Savage says he's doing great and won't see him again until his 2 month check up. Knowing Dr. Savage from working at the hospital, she told me that I'm more than welcome to call the Birth Center for her home phone # to call at any time with questions. She said, "Melissa, I know what it's like being a first time mom...especially when you're a nurse and work in the healthcare field-everything freaks you out when it happens to your own…

Feb. 23rd 2009 Getting to know my son 2 weeks 2 days

Here are some things I've gotten to know about my son over the past couple weeks:

*He's growing a small pigmented spot below his nose...possible his first freckle?...a birthmark?

*He loves his right hand! Whether it be sucking on all his fingers (Dad's hoping he doesn't become a thumb sucker!)or just playing with the rest of his face, it's always up and active (the culprit of not getting a very good 3D ultrasound picture!). Even when he's sleeping it's usually by his face. The left one only get's real active when he's upset! (My philosophy is that his left arm must have been pinned down when he was inside of me)

*He loves to be held close-face against chest...unless he's really upset.

*He's very attentive. He'll follow with his eyes and turn his head in the direction of any loud sound or voices.

*He's got passing gas down! He's even woke me up in the middle of the night with one of his farts! What a man!

Yes, he's still got …

Feb. 18th, 2009 His due date 1week, 4 days

Today was William's original due date. It was also the day Grandma, Grandpa & Great Great Grandma had to leave to head back home. We have truly enjoyed their visit. My mom and Grandma have helped with all the daily tasks around the house so that I could adjust to being mom and take an occasional nap. It has been so nice to have their help.

I will include some pics of when they were here. The ones of my dad holding William are pictures of his very first time seeing him. Mom's joke before dad was able to make it up here was "I've got to get all my holds in now cause when you're dad gets here I won't have a chance!" It was very neat seeing my dad adore my son. My Grandma said that my dad has looked forward to having children and grandchildren since he was in junior high! He's always loved kids and had them in his life in one way or another. I am very excited that the Lord decided to bless me with the opportunity to give him his first grand…

Feb. 16th, 2009 101 Pics 1 week, 2 days

Here's a link to some pics that were taken by Uncle Cory. Included are pictures of family and baby William while we were at Silverton Hospital 02/07/09.


Feb. 14th 2009 Happy Valentines Day Daddy! 2 weeks

Dad had to work today. So me, William and the rest of my family that was visiting decided to take a trip to Portland to see Dad at the fire station. We dressed him in a cute little Valentine onsie that Grandma Marsha (Curtis' mom) gave him. He got his first picture with dad's fire hat on (a little heavy for his head so it sat atop the car seat...crazy to think that sooner than later he'll actually be able to carry it on his head).

Feb. 12th, 2009 My little glow worm 0 weeks, 5 days

I got a call early this morning from the lab saying that William's bili level was 20.5. The lactation consultant yesterday, knowing that I was a nurse, had given me a website that did bili calculations to categorize the degree of risk and method of treatment associated with what the lab value was ( According to the website, he was considered high risk. I waited for a call from the doctor's office to explain what we were to do.

They wanted him to be under bili lights for at least 24hours. The nice thing was that they told me they could send equipment out to the house so that we wouldn't have to be admitted back into the hospital. Apria Healthcare came out, set up the light and instructed us on how to use it. We have to keep it on him 24hours a day with only small breaks to change a diaper. It's a little inconvenient having to keep him hooked up to a machine all the time, but whatever it takes to get him better. If he's gotta have the ligh…

Feb. 11th, 2009 First Doctor's apt. 0 weeks, 4 days

We had our first big outing today: apt. with William's doctor and then the lactation consultant. He did great! We introduced the pacifier of which helped calm him down a couple of the times I couldn't just drop and feed him. He had dropped 9 ounces in the hospital to 6lb 1 ounce and was up to 6lb 2 ounces at the apt. (he anointed the scale with a good pee when he was done...the blessings of a son!). He had quite the cone head after delivery and shrunk to 19 1/4inches from 20inches at birth. They had to draw a bilirubin level because his skin and the whites of his eyes were looking a little yellow in color** We'll get the results tomorrow morning.

The lactation apt. went great. He's a pro-breastfeeder! Unfortunately I think my milk is just starting to come in, so he hasn't been able to fill his tummy with the good stuff like I know he wants (which will probably make the night shift a little easier!). I'm hoping that his good eating will bring his bili …

Feb. 9th, 2009 Leaving for home 0 weeks, 2 days

We enjoyed many visits by friend and family in the hospital. A bunch of the nurses I work with at the hospital as well as my manager came by to say hi and congratulate us. There were even two of the nurses who work on my unit that got to help out in the Birth Center the day we were discharged. They enjoyed coming in and taking his temp, etc.

We got hospital pictures taken that will be posted on their website for viewing. The address to view the pictures is: Then we packed the car, buckled him in the car seat, and were off. Time for William to meet Rags and Max and for mom and dad to adjust to having him at home...I was exhausted (from being up most of the night either from his crying or the nurses checking in) but we were both very excited to bring him home.

Feb. 7th, 2009 His Birthday! 0 weeks, 0 days

Well, I officially got one full day of maternity leave before my little guy decided to enter this world. That just means more time with him! I wrote up a little synopsis of how he decided to enter this world...(for those who are interested)

(I had told Curtis when I got closer to my due date, I was going to pack my bags for the hospital in the car and start spending the night at his mom's house when he was at work just so I wasn't alone if I went into labor in the middle of the night. Friday night, Feb. 6th was the first night I spent at his mom's...and a good thing it was...)

3:30am: I awoke to a pop...a rather loud one. For some reason I jumped out of bed (probably startled at the sound) and as soon as I stood up, it was clearly obvious what had water had broken.

3:45am: I called the hospital to get their suggestion on how long they thought I should wait before coming in...then I called Curtis at work and told him he'd better come quickly.

4am: I cal…

Feb. 5th, 2008 A gift from my co workers 38 weeks

Last night was my last shift...I'm officially on maternity leave! My co workers were really sweet and all went together to buy me this beautiful vase with tulips and some chocolates. They wished me well with labor and congratulated me on becoming a mom. They were also excited when they found out I'd be delivering right there at the hospital as many are wanting to visit after he's born. After my maternity leave I'll be coming back to work as a "casual" employee which will only be 1-2 shifts per month-just enough to keep my nursing license active while becoming a full time Mommy. I'm very excited!

Feb. 4th, 2009 Moving right along 37 weeks 5 days

Had another doctor's apt. yesterday. I met with one of the two midwives (Mindi) that will be delivering my baby for only the 2nd time. My appointments have all landed on one midwife's schedule and the other times I was supposed to meet with Mindi, she was at the hospital delivering a baby. I told her it was nice to get to see her again verses the next meeting being in the delivery room!

My weight gain has been steadily increasing over the past 2 weeks. I hit the 20lb mark last week and then gained another two pounds this past week! I can feel it in the belly. I'm at work and everyone's telling me my scrubs aren't gonna fit much longer. I told them it's not worth buying anything new now that I've only got one more night left.

She asked if I wanted her to check me and I told her I was anxious to know if I had progressed any. Last week I forgot to mention the baby's station (for those who want to know!)...he was at -2 last week and is now at -1 (…

Feb. 1st, 2009 A prayer of thankfulness 37 weeks 3 days

The month has come, February...the month my baby is due. It seems like it's taken forever and yet I can hardly believe it's already here. I am both extremely excited as well as a little anxious. There are so many unkowns. Labor is something I've obviously never experienced before and am anxious to find out how my body reacts to. Every woman's story is so different. God, it's funny to think You already know the date and exact time my son will enter this world. Will it be closer to my due date or will I deliver earlier? Only time will tell (o:

Continue to be with both my son's health as well as mine as I finish out this pregnancy. Thank you again and again for the tremendous blessing of how well things have gone this far. I thank you for allowing me the experience of pregnancy. What a miracle you perform when You create one being inside of another (and to think You do it all the time!). Whatever the day, whatever the time, my prayer is that his b…