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Confident on two wheels!

We decided to spend some family time outside on a bike ride.  Except this time, Curtis packed William's two wheeled bike and no other option of a ride but that one (o;  We both knew he could have rode his bike months ago, possibly even a year ago.  But, sometimes it's just a lack of confidence (and a little fear) that gets in the way.  He didn't know until we showed up at the bike trail.  At that point, he knew he either had to learn or he wouldn't get to join the fun.  Cruel parents?  Maybe!  Like I said, we knew William could do it.  He just needed to prove it to himself.

And he did.
Without even ending up with one scraped knee.

All in all, it was a great day.  It was SO fun to see William's confidence sky rocket when he realized that he actually could ride a bike.  Now, he tells me, it's all he wants to do.  Way to go Dad-The idea to just bring his two wheel bike along on our trip was a great idea!   Here's to many more bike rides...Next up, Champoeg!? …

Annual Tulip Fest with Friends

Every year, we look forward to having all of our "Portland" friends over to celebrate the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.  I say "Portland" friends, because hardly any of us live in Portland anymore even though that's where most of us met and became lifelong friends.  I should say all of our Washington friends because it's where the majority of them live now.  Kinda funny how life takes us in all directions.

Honestly, Spring wouldn't be the same for me without this event.  I believe this year marks our 6th Annual Spring get together and we always have a blast.  Doesn't matter if it pours down rain (like it did last year) or is 90 degrees.  It's the friendships that make it special.

This year we were fortunate to have AWESOME weather!  It was near 80 degrees!  Can't ask for a better April day in Oregon.

Here are a few pictured highlights from our day:

I love our times together and am already looking forward to our BBQ in August when we'll se…