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April 28th-30th Camping at Winema

Our church does an annual camping trip to Winema Beach. We stay at Winema Christian Camp where I grew up going to camps during the summer as a kid. Being there brought back some great memories... It was neat to see both how much it has changed as well as all of the many things that have remained the same. Little did I know that one day I would be bringing my own son here to play! Hopefully he'll grow up going to camp just like I did. Although it wasn't real warm, we had some beautifully sunny days to play on the beach. William got to fly a kite with Dad for the first time and loved it (the coast has great winds for kite flying!)! He even held on to it all by himself. Here's some pics (and video!) of our stay... William, watching Dad as he helped the camp out by trimming up some of the trees. Can you see Curtis up there? Time at the beach... William retrieving his ball from the hole while playing miniature golf. Daddy teaching William how to fly a ki

April 27th, 2011 10 weeks "Who's belly is bigger?!"

I told William we were going to take some pictures of the baby. Lately he has been quite fascinated with the "baby" and that it's hiding in Mamma's tummy. He gives the baby (my belly) hugs and kisses. I haven't yet been able to catch it on camera but hopefully he'll let me (he tends to quit whatever he's doing when I get the camera out). I'm sure if there was an actual baby here(taking up mom's attention) he wouldn't be too fond of it...We'll see what happens in about 6 months (o: Once William saw I was taking a picture of my belly, he had to show me his...

April 24th, 2011 Happy Easter!

This Easter was a little different this year. Grandma Marsha was on vacation and so we didn't have our traditional lunch and easter egg hunt at her house. Instead, Curtis' Uncle and Aunt are here from Florida and so we decided to have lunch with them at our house. We had a wonderful time! William has grown to love Dan and Patti and can say both of their names quite well (Patti has been working on him saying her name each time they visit...he got it this time!). Hangin' with Tia Patti! Family photo...William and Curtis both wore ties to church. What handsome boys I have!

April 23rd, 2011 Tulip Festival!

We live within walking distance of the Wooded Shoe Tulip Festival which makes for many trips to see the beautiful flowers. Each year we enjoy having people out for lunch and then walking to the Festival. This year we started the tradition with our Life Group at church and then also held the 3rd annual Festival get together with friends from Portland. I was worried we wouldn't have good weather being that this year has been so cold! The sun decided to show and we had some beautiful weather for walking. Here are some of the moments we captured... One of those rare moments when he smiled perfectly for the camera... "Moma, drive?"... His reaction after I told him he couldn't The kids got a special ride to the Festival...and loved it! Wandering through the flowers with Dad Enjoying the Hay slides I don't know how many times I told William "Don't pick the flowers, just smell." He was so fascinated with them.

April 18th, 2011 And now for Baby Gant #2...

For those who journeyed with us in prayer over the past year and 1/2 as we struggled with infertility, we can't tell you how much we appreciated you. We are finally able to tell you that William is going to be a big brother!! Saw our little peanut on ultrasound today...heart ticking away and little body squirming around. A healthy little baby in the making. An ultrasound was done to determine my exact due date. William should meet his new little brother or sister around Thanksgiving (due Nov. 24th) and oh how THANKFUL we are!