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What do you do with an old broken down wheelbarrow?!
Make a worm bin of course!

The boys really got in to this project.  The worm harvesting was a hit.  We transferred them from our old compost pile to the bin and likely got over one hundred worms to start us off!

Here's to well composted soil!

My first sleepover!

Curtis was going to be gone for a three day stretch at work.  If I don't keep myself busy with the boys, I start to go nuts (o;  William's never had one of his friends over to spend the night and I thought it might be fun for him (and his buddy) to try it out.  Of course, it's more of a leap of faith on my part, the whole "trying it out" thing.  Of course, when you've never done something before, there's many "unknowns".  But, I was game.  And so were Neal and Emily.

Having just welcomed their newest addition to the family, baby Reese, I thought it might be neat for big brother Gavin to get to do something fun all by himself.  I didn't dare break the news to William until shortly before the plan took fruition...Just as I had anticipated-lots of excitement from my little man.  He was going to have his "best friend over for a whole night Mom!?"

I think what I loved the most (apart from how much fun the boys had together), was how G…