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Calvin's Kindergarten Graduation!

Slow. Down. Time.
The Kindergarten milestone is upon us.
Calvin was soooo fortunate to have Mrs. Vey and Mrs. Starkey as his teachers.  They're incredible.  Not only do they have a passion for teaching, they have a passion for the Lord and it shows what they teach as well as how they interact with the kids.
Next school year, we're moving onto the big grades!

A visit from Tata and Avi

Oh how visits like these make me long to be closer to my family.  It wasn't that long ago that our boys were babies and yet it feels like a million years ago in some ways.  In the blink of an eye.  I know it's going to go by even more quickly with nieces and nephews I only get to see infrequently!

So, it's visits like this one that I cherish.  I am thankful for the sacrifice of travel so that we can spend time together. Oh how full my heart is just looking back through the moments captured in pictures...