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Happy Birthday Daddy!

It’s been crazy busy around our place, so we took some time away to celebrate Curtis’ birthday.We enjoyed a Silver Falls hike, a Papa Murphy’s pizza, a movie and a peanut butter rice krispie cake (o;
*We greeted Curtis when he came home from work with this banner.I helped a little with the coloring, but was quite impressed with William’s ability to color within the lines on some of the letters.He was SO excited to show it to Curtis. *“You enjoying your birthday hike Daddy?” *You can see how much William loves being in pictures these days…I have to be quick. *William hangin’ with Daddy and George for the movie

June 23rd, 2012

Heya Ladies...Check out my eight pack (o;  You know ya love it.

"I have a park!"

Curtis found a steal of a deal on Craigslist.  Guaranteed fun for many days to come... Thank you Gabe for helping us put it all together (o;

Calvin, helpin' out.  Someone's gotta hold the tape measure!  

Cementing in the memory.
It didn't take William long at all to figure out how to ride the glider.  Calvin...well, we'll stick with crawling as his next step (o;
William exclaimed to me proudly (after it was all set up), "Mom!  I have a park!" 
Then he gave Calvin a ride on the glider...

June 17th, 2012 A Daddy of 2

We spent Father's Day down in Eugene this year.  We went down Saturday and got to stay the night at Cory and Lori's and hear Cory preach the next morning (great job Cory!).  It was a fun weekend full of time with lots of friends and family.

Curtis and William got to go on a hike (all "Mens" hike-no girls or babies aloud) earlier in the day on Saturday.

Saturday evening we visited my friend Charissa from high school and her family.  Her Dalen was born just a few weeks before Calvin and I hadn't seen her since our boys were about a month old.  

Look at these two cuties...Dalen & Calvin.

Throw a little warm water in the pool and we could pretend it was Summer weather...William, Calvin (yes, he did join the clan and strip down to his birthday suit), Dalen and Linus (What a ham!)

Calvin, gettin' some Auntie Lori lovin (o;  (Lori, you're such a pretty mama)

Hangin' with the cousins before church on Father's Day.

Mr. Potato Head:  "Where'…

June 8th, 2012 Calvin: 7 Months

My Calvin cutie

You've decided you like rice cereal...with a little mashed banana sweetness. And even though big brother enjoys helping feed you, if you had it your way, you'd grab the spoon yourself (of which you do on occasion) and shovel it in. We can hardly keep the spoonfuls coming fast enough!

My Daddy drives a boat!

Curtis worked hard this last September and passed what was required of him to attain his status as Harbor Pilot.  It was until today though, that he became official.  The boys and I woke up early and drove down to Portland's City Hall to watch him be sworn in. 

Shortly before the swear in, the Fire Chief came up to me and told me to follow her...
Yeah, wasn't prepared for it, but am sure glad I got the privilege.  Taking the old pin off...putting the new one on.  I love how William''s lookin' up at his Daddy. 

We r so proud of you Curtis!