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Calvin's story writing

Calvin has had fun "writing" stories these days.  He loves to draw pictures but hasn't quite mastered the writing part.  He doesn't let that stop him though.  He scribbles a pencil on every line of a piece of paper as if he's writing cursive and illustrates the page opposite his written story. While Grandma and Grandpa were visiting over Spring Break, they had the privilege of hearing one of his stories.  They're quite fascinating, as the plot slightly changes each time he retells it.  It's kept us all entertained and in suspense (o;

Precious Praise

The boy's school has started doing an assembly time on the last Thursday of the month.  They sing praise songs together, talk about the theme they've been learning about in their classes and just get a chance to all be together as a school.  Parents are welcome, so when I can I go in.

I was thankful to catch this sweet moment as I sat behind Calvin and watched his arms raise high in praise to our God.  It brought tears of joy to my eyes.  There is something so powerful in seeing a young heart express praise in this way, unhindered by what anyone else sees or thinks.  I pray his love and praise of God continues to grow and strengthen as the years go by.

For now, I'll revel in this moment.  Thank you Jesus.

For the love of Legos

Honestly, I thought he'd outgrow the stage of legos before now.  I underestimated his love of building.  This kid literally loves it.  Although most lego sets come with instructions, he enjoys building his own creations as well.  I enjoy watching his skill.  Who knows what his love of creating will turn into someday.

You've got talent William!


When a boys waits forever to try and catch an animal...
True picture of patience and perseverance.
(Either that or a good excuse to take a nap when you don't want to admit you're tired)