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Gant Family Reunion 2014

Our annual Powers Gant Family Reunion!   Thank you Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Bruce for letting us borrow your camper! We were fortunate this year to be able to reserve three spots by the hillside where there is a small little creek that runs through.  Makes for some fun play times! (and lots of dirty clothes!) The boys were constantly trying to dam it up with sticks and dirt William says the best part about camping is time with his cousins (o;  My boys are so lucky to have the cousins they do. We hiked up the hillside to the very top and took this pic.  Such cute little men. The dogs equally enjoy camping...This was our first trip with Freska. Did we mention she loves carrying around sticks?  (or should I say small trees?)  I thoroughly enjoy all the family time...And the memories that are being made (o; Auntie Lori always gives the boys lots of lovin' Doin' what we do best...Feedin' the fam.  It's more fun making dinner together, for sure

Glowing at Great Grins Dentistry!

Guess who rocked the dentist today?!?!?! This kid!!!  Those of you who got wind of our previous dentist experiences, will hardly believe it when I tell you that not only did he climb up into the dentist chair, get his teeth cleaned and smile big for a picture...but he asked me as we were leaving when he could come back again!  The staff at Great Grins asked me where William was (?!?), because this definitely wasn't the same boy we brought in six months ago (o; A special, "I'm so proud of you William!" treat:  Chocolate Monkey shake from Burgerville!  (Try finding a place to get a chocolate milkshake at 9:30 in the morning...and yes, it had to be chocolate-William's favorite) Guess this means he's gearing up for his first day of Kindergarten (o;  We both did this as we were heading home...laughed (o;  Laughed at how silly it was six months ago when he was so scared of the dentist because now, he's such a big, brave boy (it might have hel

Happy 4th!

Showin' a little Red, White and Blue... (o; Waiting for the Molalla Parade! Watermelon Fun And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Grandpa Terry! (Look at all those men (o;  )