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Bump Surgery

Back in January I posted about the doctor's visit of Calvin's that caused concern for the bump he had on the back of his neck.  Fast forward a few months to surgery date.  I had a real peace about it all.  Of course, there is always cause for concern when you decide to put your child under anesthesia for the first time.  But, I feel as though God washed over me with peace as we faced the unknown.

This helped.  He always helps calm nerves and put a smile on my face.
We were a little worried how getting up so early and then being told you couldn't eat breakfast was going to go over with this little guy.  No problems at all.  Not one complaint (another blessing).

He hesitated when they asked him to change into their special pajamas.  Only saving grace was that he got to keep his blanket in his lap.

Hardest part...Handing him over and watching him them walk away.  It helped that he hugged the nurse tight as they left.  Now we had to wait...

Halfway through, they came out and …

Safeway Poster child

When your son asks to wear his superman get up while we grocery shop, a picture is warranted.  Can he be any more cute?!