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Joshua 1:9

Both boys passed the last level of swim lessons in February and were gifted a free month of swim team so we decided to try it.  Both Curtis an I had our doubts that Calvin had actually fulfilled all of the requirements for the team, but couldn't hurt to try. They both seemed eager as they put on their trunks and we headed out the door.  Once in the door, it was an entirely different story.  The instructor was going to have them get in the pool and perform different swimming techniques to see what they could do.  Calvin started to jump up and follow her until he caught eye of William's hesitancy.  He wasn't going to go without his brother, so he sat back down. There's a bond between these two that truly is something special.  Of course they fight occasionally like all brothers do, but they also gel together in a lot of areas.  Part of what makes parenting them a joy.  Unfortunately, they can also feed off of each other's weaknesses.  Calvin adores and looks up th