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William's school buddy

At 91, they have a unique program (the only one in the Canby school district) that pairs up 7th and 8th graders with kindergarten buddies.  The goal is to make the transition into school an easier one for the kindergarteners as well as give the older kids someone to mentor.

There have been multiple times, while I walk William to class in the mornings, that he's excitedly pointed out his buddy.  I have been in the class when the older buddies have come in for some time with William's class.  They usually get some instruction from Mrs. Ruwitch and then are asked to pair up and work on the project at hand.  Just the other day, the principal sent out an email explaining a recent video that the 7th and 8th graders had put together for the School Board to promote the buddy program.  William and I caught it playing on one of the broadcast tv's up next to the office and were able to hear his buddy talk about him...You should have seen the smile on William's face (o;

Here the…

Our Gingerbread House

Continuing our annual Gingerbread House tradition...Although Mom put the house together and whipped up the frosting, the rest is a 2-5yr old (William, Calvin + the help of a few friends) masterpiece.  I love how it will change over the years as they grow older (o;

Turkey + Family= Thanksgivivng

It was one of those rare moments when I get both of my families for the same holiday (o;  Love it when this happens...Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures of us all together, but none the less, I'll remember these times.  There's something special about having both of my families together.

Luke and Calvin showing us how to really eat olives...
William's made some pretty fun stuff in Kindergarten this year.  This is a few of his creations as they learned about the first Thanksgiving...

I was the most thankful this year for the time I was able to spend with my California family.  I especially am grateful to my brother in law who "let go" of my sister and Z so that they could spend some extended time here in Oregon without him.  SUCH a special time for me to have them here.  Babies just grow WAY too fast to let months go by in between visits!

The time is always too short, but I'm thankful for every chance we get.
February can't come soon enoug…

O' Christmas Tree!

Just a few weeks after William was born, we planted some Christmas trees on a portion of our property.  This year was the first year that we decided they were big enough to celebrate Christmas with...Almost 6 years later (o;

The sweetest part about it was that Auntie Mel was visiting when we cut it down so her and Z got to be in on the moment.  My friend Karyn and her kids were also here.  It was a definite family affair (I consider the Hartley's like family since I've known Karyn since I was a wee one!).

We learned a few things...Pruning of Christmas trees is usually done in July.  There's a reason for that (as evidenced by the dripping sap on our floor).  And we should have been pruning a little each year, as to shape the tree into the "normal" Christmas tree shape (o;

Despite these facts, the tree is beautiful.  It was so tall we actually had to cut some off to fit it to our ceiling (of which we weren't expecting).

And the somewhat funky branches, I thi…