Turkey + Family= Thanksgivivng

It was one of those rare moments when I get both of my families for the same holiday (o;  Love it when this happens...Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures of us all together, but none the less, I'll remember these times.  There's something special about having both of my families together.

Luke and Calvin showing us how to really eat olives...
The classic finger trick
Why play with your food when you can eat it?!
William's made some pretty fun stuff in Kindergarten this year.  This is a few of his creations as they learned about the first Thanksgiving...

And Calvin was really excited to get to dress up to!
I was the most thankful this year for the time I was able to spend with my California family.  I especially am grateful to my brother in law who "let go" of my sister and Z so that they could spend some extended time here in Oregon without him.  SUCH a special time for me to have them here.  Babies just grow WAY too fast to let months go by in between visits!

Me and my sweet baby Z!
William's become quite the baby whisperer (o;  
And Calvin, as always, can't get enough (o;  Him and babies just go together.
The boys had fun watching her taste some of her first foods.  Feels like yesterday, they were in that chair...
Walkin' the orchard!  Calvin gave Z his spot in the stroller (o;
Z also got her taste of kindergarten (o;
Cousins pic!  Syd, Addi, William, Calvin, Mel, Z and I.  
The time is always too short, but I'm thankful for every chance we get.
February can't come soon enough!


lori gant said…
Love the picture of you and Ziara. :-)

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