O' Christmas Tree!

Just a few weeks after William was born, we planted some Christmas trees on a portion of our property.  This year was the first year that we decided they were big enough to celebrate Christmas with...Almost 6 years later (o;

The sweetest part about it was that Auntie Mel was visiting when we cut it down so her and Z got to be in on the moment.  My friend Karyn and her kids were also here.  It was a definite family affair (I consider the Hartley's like family since I've known Karyn since I was a wee one!).

We learned a few things...Pruning of Christmas trees is usually done in July.  There's a reason for that (as evidenced by the dripping sap on our floor).  And we should have been pruning a little each year, as to shape the tree into the "normal" Christmas tree shape (o;

How many kids does it take to screw on the base?!
Despite these facts, the tree is beautiful.  It was so tall we actually had to cut some off to fit it to our ceiling (of which we weren't expecting).

And the somewhat funky branches, I think give it a fun little flair (o;
It feels like just yesterday I was taking a picture of William like this (o;
cute-ness overload!

The ONE pic I got where everyone was looking and no one was crying or whining (o;


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