Our Gingerbread House

Continuing our annual Gingerbread House tradition...Although Mom put the house together and whipped up the frosting, the rest is a 2-5yr old (William, Calvin + the help of a few friends) masterpiece.  I love how it will change over the years as they grow older (o;
I think the boys enjoy playing with the dough and cutting out the pieces just as much as decorating it.  Of course, I let them play with the dough like play dough since we don't eat it (o;
Calvin in all his goofy glory...Not sure what he's cutting out here, BUT he's having fun!
William takes his work very seriously...Meticulously shaping his gingerbread man.
This was just pure, crazy, super fun, chaos (with WAY too much sugar consumed)!

The goofies and their final product (Josi-4, William, Jaclyn-5, Trent-2 & Calvin)
Don't you just love their touches...we helped intertwine the pretzels so our fence wouldn't fall down.  Then they got tired of putting it up about halfway through (o;  Also notice the sagging roofline...note to self-bake the gingerbread longer next year!  I think it adds a nice tough (o; 
And we can't forget the back of the house...Jaelynn had fun setting up our tootsie  roll wood pile.
William was VERY proud of his gingerbread man (o;  Honestly (no mom bragging here), it turned out pretty awesome in comparison to the others that were decorated.  He's such a little meticulous, detailed worker.
And apparently, a gingerbread house is just WAY to tempting just sitting on the counter to look at...I started noticing evidence of house damage (o;

Now they can't wait until they get to take hammers to it after Christmas.
Boys...They just love destructing things.


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