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Dec. 25th, 2011 Merry Christmas!!

Calvin's first Christmas!

Not that he really "enjoyed" it at all, he just got passed around between family members...

Uncle Cory.

Auntie Lori.

And here he is doing what he does best...eating (o:

William had fun opening his gifts. "Look Dad, CANDY!!!"

Okay, so maybe William didn't enjoy it ALL...Not sure what happened at this moment. I think we told him he had to wait to eat his candy.

Lots of cousin time...

Overall, a very Merry Christmas! Oh, how I love all my boys...

Dec. 20th, 2011 His sweet face...

What's there not to love about a sweet face like this?...

Dec, 14th, 2011 Christmas Decorations

Decorating for Christmas...

I've made a tradition of taking a picture of William wrapped up in the Christmas lights as we decorate the William...I mean the tree!

Look Mom! My ears and nose are glowing!

And now for a glowing headband...

Featuring...the glowing Brother! (William really liked this one)

Calvin, all snuggled next to Mom while William strings the lights...wait, William's stringing lights by himself?!?!

He had no idea...Too engrossed in the decorating. I'm sure I'll pay for this one later.

Dec. 12th, 2011 Famous "Williamisms"

Now that our little William isn't so "little" anymore, he entertains us with his ever growing vocabulary. Most of the time, you don't have to wonder what he's thinking. And just when you think he doesn't get it or isn't listening, you're suprised and caught off guard at the next thing he says. Here's some of the latest William sayings...

While buckled in his car seat, Curtis pulled the car up to our doctor's office to pick me up after our apt.. Randomly, Curtis and Grandpa (in the car as well) tell me that William, all on his own while watching me walk towards the car, said "Mama is so cute." Don't think I'm forgetting that one anytime soon...Now, if he keeps telling ME this and not all the cute little girls he's around... (o:

I positioned William so that he would be able to see our Christmas lights come on when I went and plugged them in. As soon as they came on, he comments "Woooah!! That's so cool!" …

Dec. 10th, 2011 Calvin's Namesake

While pregnant, and after finding out we were adding another Mr. to our family, we were stretched to find a name for our second little guy. William is named after my Grandpa William who, unfortunately, lost his battle with cancer just a few years before he got to meet his first great-grandson. After that, we couldn't just pull our 2nd boy's name out of a book!

Curtis and I are striving as parents to raise our children to know the Lord; to have a faith that reflects a personal relationship with Christ. My Grandpa was a spiritual patriarch in my family. I asked Curtis to think of some men in his life that strongly influenced him and his faith. He mentioned Cal Thayer. We threw around the name, midst others, and then eventually came back to it. Cal was a part of Curtis' church growing up and died just shortly after we got married. Our decision was made-Calvin would be his name.

Although I never met Cal, I was fortunate enough to have attended the memorial service that …

Dec. 10th, 2011 Meeting Dalen

Here they were in the belly's... 10/15/11

Here they are out of the belly's (o:
Dalen (born 10/21/11) and Calvin (born 11/8/11)

It was so good to finally meet little Dalen Charpie (6 wks old). Who would've thought, as friends in high school, that we would stay in touch and have little boys so close in age? Thanks for stopping by to visit Charissa (o:

Dec. 8th, 2011 One Month Old!

Where has the first month gone?...I can hardly believe Calvin's a month old already. We've got a healthy little Gant boy on our hands. With the guesstimated weights I've done on various scales (weighing myself and then picking him up and weighing myself again), he's somewhere around 12lb already! And not that I'm comparing or anything, but William didn't pass up 12lb until he was almost 3 months old. They're proving to be their own individuals!

And since I never got a picture of Calvin with his Auntie Lori on his birthday (Lori was there for my labor and Calvin's birth and so fabulously documented the entire day with SHE was never in ONE of them!), here he is at a month old being held by an Auntie that has lots of love for our little guy (o:

Dec. 5th, 2011 Remembering Uncle Curtis...

My uncle Curtis (Dad's youngest brother) recently passed away in a motorcycle accident. It was a sudden time to say goodbye. I decided to take the two boys down south to be with my family during this time. I didn't go for myself, although I was very thankful to have been there. I went for the joy that children can bring to tragedy. I knew that, despite the heavy emotion, William's giggle and laugh could make anyone smile. And that holding Calvin would be a reminder, despite death's inevitability, of the precious "life" we get to experience.

Auntie Hermila and Calvin

Cousin Nicholas (Curtis' eldest)

Cousins Nicholas and Sara (Curtis' 2nd eldest)

Cousins Sara and Emily (Curtis' 2nd to youngest)...I'm pretty sure William left a puddle of drool on Emily's shoulder after he woke up.

All us goofy cousins...

The Pile Family...Grandpa and Curtis together in heaven