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Valentine's Day!


Stamp it up!

Thank you Grandma Marsha for the cute little goody you gave me with the stamp on top for my birthday...I'm having fun! 

*We weren't aware this was happening until William just walked into the kitchen and said, "Look at me Mom!" I did a double take, but then just started laughing. Hilarious.  Really Grandma, the thank you isn't sarcastic.  He's/we're having a blast.  And if you're wondering if his underwear are on backwards, it's how he likes to wear them these days...(o;

Let's Party!


Happy 4th Birthday William!

Where have the last four years gone...?  Seriously, please don't let it go any faster.  At this rate, I can already picture myself watching him walk with diploma in hand as he graduates.  Okay, maybe not that quickly, but's going by FAST! 

We started the morning off with of his favorites.

Here's a progression of pictures that I thought was hilarious.
See that big pile of pancakes next to Calvin?

 Watch it disappear...

 I learned something this year.  I tried putting a candle in William's pancake before I gave it to him.  Thought he'd like it.  Key word is "thought".  I should never assume.  He had a mini meltdown.  He later told me that he didn't want candles in anything for his birthday!  O..K!
 The rest of our day was filled with lots of playing, reading books and watching one of his absolute favorite movies: CARS!