Valentine's Day!

What Mom got…
Complete with a coffee gift card...he knows me well (o;

What the boys got…

And yes, even though he’s not big enough to caulk and shoot the guns, he enjoys retrieving the ammo…and chewing on it.
Who me?  I wasn't doing anything wrong...Did you need this?

He was having a little trouble hitting the pins from a distance (o;

 We went and visited Curtis at the station (he worked on Valentine’s Day) to have dinner with him and the other firefighters.  You should have seen William come alive when we pulled out the guns and started an all out war with the guys (o;   
You see William peeking out between the recliners?

The kitchen island made it really fun!
 Thank you Sweetie for making the day such a special one for the boys and I.  It was...special.  I love you.


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