May 10th, 2009 My first Mother's Day 3 months and counting...

Who would have thought that last year at this time I was pregnant with William...I didn't know until almost the end of June. I am so glad to be a mother. William brings a lot of joy to Curtis and I's lives. William's smiling a lot more now. I'll sit with him and tickle his chest and he gets a big grin with his mouth wide open like he wants to laugh. It's too cute. He's also responding more to things I hold up in front of him. I'll make noise with rattles and he get's really still like he's concentrating. It's been a lot of fun to watch him change.

Curtis scheduled me a Mother's Day massage this coming Wednesday...What a blessed mom I am. And an incredibly lucky wife!


Isn't it so fun to see them change?!! It'll warm your heart when he starts to laugh!! ; ) This past week Logan's gotten WAY more active- I am going to have my hands full! he he!! It's fun! ; )

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