Oct. 27th, 2011 36 weeks

Earlier this week at my 36 wk OB apt....

Me: Jeanne, could you check me. I've felt a lot of pressure and muscle twinges lately and am curious if I'm dilated at all."

Dr.: "Sure. Couldn't hurt to know....(As she's checking me) Oh my goodness, there's his head! Yeah Melissa, you're a for sure 2cm dilated already!"

Me: "My goodness. I figured I had felt some things changing these past couple days, but I had no idea I'd actually be dilated already!"

Dr.: "Lay low Melissa and we'll see if we can keep him in for another week or so."

So, 2cm dilated and 50% effaced...Wasn't sure what to think of that as I left the appointment, but it sure put a little jump in my step (don't worry, not literal jumping) as far as preparing for our little guy to arrive sooner than later. Never did I think that he might be born in October vs. November! These last couple days have been spent laying low. Hospital bag is now packed and friends/family have been called to drive me to the hospital just in case Curtis happens to be at work while labor unfolds. I'm hoping to keep him nice and cozy until November hits next week. The doctor assures me that if he does decide to come earlier, he should be just fine. For the past couple months I have been measuring around 2 wks further along which means my due date (Nov. 24th) might not be as accurate as we originally thought at our first 8 wk. ultrasound.

William was imitating Curious George as we took this one... "Oooh, ah ah ah"

And, I've gotten this a lot lately, "Melissa, from behind, I'd never know you were pregnant!" Figured I'd take a picture so I could see what they were talking about.

And the front view...I have to admit that this one makes makes me hurt a little. I don't know what room this baby thinks he's going to grow in to because I feel so tight that my belly button is often sore. I wouldn't be surprised if this little guy breaks my water like William did (I'm fully convinced that William was so tight in there that he's the one who kicked open the water gates and jump started delivery!),

Guess we'll wait and see...!


OH!!! You have a blog! I didn't know-I'm so excited! =)
I'll be praying for you! (And Dana!) You look adorable and I can't wait for your newest gift from the Lord!!!!
Ohhhh!!! Exciting!!!! ; ) I can't wait for his arrival!!

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