11 Months

All you have to do is start sticking your tongue out at Calvin and he copies you (o; 
It's cute now, but I guess I probably shouldn't keep it up.
(This picture was taken on the rescue boat at Station 21)

It's pretty fun to watch to watch the bond between my two boys grow.  They've already started "wrestling" on the floor (as much of a wrestle an 11month old can muster-and believe me you, William tests Calvin's abilities multiple times a day) and I keep reminding William that he better get his licks in now, cause I have a feeling it's not going to be long before Calvin whoops him.  I definitely need to get a video of their "wrestle" time...

It's also pretty sweet when William wants to give Calvin a kiss and hug goodnight.  If I forget, he reminds me.  

Calvin hasn't shown me any signs yet, but we're (William helps) still trying to be vigilant at signing please, thank you, hungry, more and all done to him in hopes that he'll soon repeat.  They helped SO much in the communication department with William.  I figure, he repeats with his tongue now...Shouldn't be long.

Next month's post, I'll have a toddler...Too fast....Way too fast!


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