William starts 2nd grade!!

Kudos to this kid...He has become more brave with each new school that he's had to transition into.  Although we wouldn't have intentionally planned it this way, I really think all of the transition has helped him to grow.

William will be at Cascade View Christian School in Sublimity, William's 3rd school since Kindergarten.  We committed ourselves to driving the 40min (one way) from our current location until we actually make the move to the Sublimity/Stayton area.  This way he can start off and continue through the entire year, even after we move.  And, God forbid, it's where we'll keep him for 3rd grade so he won't have to adjust to another school next year!

2nd grade...Won't be long before I'll be adding a one to the beginning of that and graduating him out of high school.  Sometimes you just want the moments to slow down a little.

What a kid William is growing up to be.  He may be timid when it comes to social situations and new environments, but deep down he's got a heart of gold that loves others.  One day we'll look back and laugh about how he cried inconsolably and wouldn't let mom leave him on the first day without a scene.  It proves he's got a fight in him that's gonna turn into a passion for whatever God has for him in life.  He's also proving to be a pretty smart kid too.  Math was his forte in 1st grade and I'm curious if it will continue to be this year too.  It's pretty fun to watch him learn and grow...

Could he be any more handsome?!

That smile gets me, every single time.


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