Happy 6th Birthday William!

William has been incredibly lucky over his lifetime to get to celebrate many of his birthdays while on family vacation with his cousins.  This year was no exception.  We headed back to Eagle Crest for our annual family get away with Grandma Marsha, Uncle Cory, Aunt Lori, Zane, Luke and Cade.  We are so very thankful for the blessing of Grandma's time share points that allow us the opportunity to get away together.  We always have such a great time.

All on his own, William told me that he was going to dress up like a cowboy for his birthday this year.  I usually ask if there is any particular theme he wants, but he beat me to it this year with the suggestion of chaps and his cowboy vest (complete with his Daddy's real sheriff badge that was worn in his Deputy Sheriff days).   Here he is in all his glory (o;

Prior to leaving on our trip (in fact, the night before none the less), he also came up with the idea on his own that he wanted to make party hats for his party.  Another evidence of his flourishing creative side.  My help was minimal.  He came up with the idea and the how to all on his own.  And apparently he made them for those that are the most special in his life: Calvin, Zane, Luke, Cade and Auntie Lori (o;  He was so proud of himself when he passed them out.  He had created special designs on each on specific to the person.
All five Gant boys (plus a Mama)
His super special Auntie...The only adult with a party hat (o;
You hold a special place in his heart Lori.  Here's your evidence.

He also picked out his cupcake toppers.  I purused a few options on the internet that would go along with his cowboy theme and he picked these ones out.  After receiving them in the mail, I thought he did a pretty good job!  It came with four different animal figures.  This was his fav:

In class the day before (since his birthday landed on a Saturday this year), we took in a special treat to enjoy with the whole class.  Calvin also surprised him with a balloon when we came in for a little celebration.  Here he is being sung Happy Birthday to by his entire class.
I forgot to mention his special birthday breakfast (again, his choice) that turned out to be the exact same choice two years in a row (o;
They LOVE to help make donuts!

What's a birthday without sprinkles?!
Wonder if they'll ever outgrow them? (o;
And an extra special treat right off the back porch where we stayed in Eagle Crest...The deer are extra friendly there (o;

A big thanks to Grandma for making the day (and our stay) extra special!

And just so he had perspective on how much he's grown since he was born, we scaled up what he would have weighed on that day 6 years ago...Apparently 6lb10oz =  a 2 liter of soda, an empty sippy cup, his "cowey", two of his special rocks, a small soccer ball and his flashlight.
Thanks Daddy for the fun little experiment!

Here's to another great year William!


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