July 19th, 2010 Playtime with Linus!

My friend Charissa was heading up North from Eugene to visit friends/family for the week. We are SO glad she decided to make our house one of her stops! I absolutely loved seeing William and Linus play together. And it was just so much fun getting to spend extended time with a great friend. I so often forget when William was only 6 months old...Seems like forever ago he's changed so much! Thanks Charissa for the great visit! Know that you're welcome anytime.

Linus and William gettin' to know each other (o:

"Mom, do I have to share my stroller?" William slowly recognized that Linus was crowding his space...Linus on the other hand was just lovin' it!

Since we don't currently have a bathtub, William still takes a bath in the sink sometimes. This time Linus got to join him on the other side (o:

Look at how cute he is!


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