Dec. 18th, 2008 Every 2 weeks... 31 weeks

I had a doctor's appointment today. The fun thing was that Mel was in town and got to come with me. It's crazy how time flies but my appointments are every 2 weeks now instead of ever four. Sooner than I know it they'll be every week and time! Not that I'm really looking forward to laboring, but I'm just so excited to finally see him.

They gave me my rhogam shot this appointment. My blood type is O negative. Just in case the baby's blood turns out to be a positive blood type, the rhogam prevents any complications in having future children after my blood and my baby's blood mix during this baby's birth.

His kicks continue to grow stronger and stronger. The other day I don't think he rested for a couple days! I woke up during the middle of the night...he was still moving. It reassures me that he's alive and well in there (o:

I also learned that I may have been experiencing the Braxton Hicks contractions without even knowing it. My midwife asked if I had been feeling any of them and I told her no. She then described them as feeling like he was pushing really hard against part of my stomach while my whole abdomen felt rock hard. Uh...yeah, I've definitely felt that! I guess we'll chock it up to experiencing all of this for the first time...


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