Dec. 27th, 2008 Christmas a little late... 32 weeks 2 days

Because Curtis and I both had to work on Christmas day, we celebrated a little later. The fun part was having my aunt carol and two cousins Syd and Addi come from Washington to spend the day with us as well. I had happened to run into some old friends before mom and dad came into town-a girl mom used to babysit when I was little and her mom. The last time I had seen them was 5 years ago at our wedding (to the's our 5th anniversary!). They actually live just down the road from Curtis and I and were able to stop by for a visit. It was great to see them. There's a pic of me, my sisters and Amy-the girl we spent many hours playing with while mom babysat. The other pics are of Curtis, I and our dog Rags and me, Syd and Addi. I am so blessed with the family and friends that I have! Can't wait for my son to meet them all.


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