Oct. 21st, 2008 Pumpkin Carving... 22 weeks 5 days

Curtis and I are leading a Life Group through our church on Tuesday nights. It's the groups tradition to have everyone bring a pumpkin to carve as well as a treat to share....Lots of treats and lots of pumpkins were to be had! Although Curtis and I didn't go out a buy a large pumpkin I brought a few small ones from our garden. I enjoyed helping everyone else empty their "pumpkin guts" and seeds while Curtis decided to use his dremel tool on one of our small ones. I had no idea he was carving one...a special little pumpkin that would say "Boy". His original idea was to have 2 pumpkins stacked on top of each other, one saying "Boy" and the other "Gant". Unfortunately the dremel tool didn't work out as well as he would have liked. I'm attaching a picture of our entire group-I'm on the right holding our little pumpkin (although I should be holding my belly which feels like a little pumpkin right now!) (o:


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