June 28, 2008 Finding out...

Happy Birthday Daddy!
Mom called multiple times before she left for camp. I hate to say I ignored her calls a couple times because I knew she'd ask me about being pregnant. I didn't want the card I was going to send to show up while she was at camp so I went ahead and called her back (I had copied our first ultrasound pic and included it in a baby card to them). Mom had suspected while we were in CA for Mel's wedding that since I was feeling nauseous, that I was pregnant. I told her it was nearly impossible considering the course of the last Clomid treatment I had had. Of course, she asked if I actually was pregnant and I couldn't say no. She practically squealed over the phone. She's going to be a Grandma! I told her she had to keep it quiet until I gave them the official okay. I'm really excited to tell Mel, Tune, Maurice & Chris that they're going to be aunts and uncles! And then to call Grandma Carmelita and tell her that she's going to be a great-grandma for the first time!


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