July 3, 2008 My First Appointment... ?? weeks

Baby, today made all the nausea worth it. I got to see your tiny body and hear your little heartbeat on an ultrasound. I cried. There aren't words to express how I felt when I could actually see that it was real...you were growing inside of me. And the fact that I could actually hear your heart beating?! What a miracle. I called and told your dad all about it since he was at work. I wish he could have been there. I know he did too when I told him I actually got to hear your heart beating. Your measurements put you due around February 18th. My original due date was February 10th, Zane's birthday!

I already can't wait to see you. I pray that both of our body's remain strong and healthy. You've proved to me already that you know when you want food (o: I love being the one God is using to sustain you; the temple He's using to house you for 9 months. What an incredible opportunity.

I went over to Pete & Beth's house to tell them the good news since I was so close . What fun it was to get to tell friends. The joy is unexplainable. We've waited for quite some time to experience it. God, thank you for Your timing. You have proven to me that Your will takes patience, but that's the only way I'd have it. Thank you for the miracle of life that I am experiencing in a whole new light right now.


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