Sept. 23, 2008 Am I dreaming...? 18 weeks 5 days

While I was sleeping yesterday after getting off work that morning, I kept dreaming about this baby. I never remember my dreams, that's why it stood out to me so much. I would wake up excited inside; wanting to go back to sleep so I could dream again.

I remember the first one...I had delivered the baby in the shower. It wasn't painful at all. I scooped up the baby and the first thing I did was spread it's legs. It was a boy. Curtis walked in shortly after and was totally upset because he had missed it all-the birth of his first son. I told him "Don't worry Sweetie, just enjoy him right now. He's here to meet you.!" He was still totally bummed until he got to hold the baby boy in his arms. I woke up feeling like I really had just had my baby-my heart was so excited. I just laid there.

Then I dreamed that Curtis would always be thinking about how I and the baby were doing while he was outside working on projects. He would come inside all the time to check on us and see how we were doing. I remember waking up feeling the security of how much he cared as a husband and a father.

The last dream I remember was about breastfeeding. I remember it going really well. I remember the feeling of really bonding with the baby while feeding them. I also remember trying to breastfeed in public...for some reason I had no modesty at all (o: I woke up anticipating that challenge. I went back to sleep wanting to fall into another dream.

Does my dream mean I'm going to have a baby boy? it makes me anxious for Oct. 6th!


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