Sept. 15, 2008 An early morning post 17 weeks 4 days

I'm at work and it's currently 2:40am. The night's gone by fairly quickly which is always nice. It's hard to keep awake when all the patients are sleeping and the ER is slow.

This baby is crowding me out more and more each day! I know I don't even know what being big is yet. I just feel like I grow an inch everyday. I kinda wish I would have taken measurements of my wasit prior to getting pregnant and then throughout the pregnancy. I need to have Curtis take some pictures-It'd be nice to be able to post them so mom and dad can see my belly grow.

I told Auntie Lori that I'm sure 'd eventually want the baby to stop kicking once I started feeling it in the ribs. She said no, she never got sick of feeling her boys move...just didn't enjoy the times the baby decided they needed to kick really hard in the direction of her heart (o:


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