August 28, 2008 Dad's first appointment! 15 weeks

Today was the first appointment Dad got to go to! He originally thought we were going to find out who you were-a boy or girl (o: That's now scheduled for Mel's birthday, Oct. 6th. Seems like such a long time off when you're looking forward to it, but I know the time will pass quickly (as the first couple months have!).

We got to hear your heartbeat again-sounded strong and healthy. This time Christine (my midwife) barely had to find you once she put the gel on my belly. Definitely not hiding this time! I just hope there's the same amount of cooperation when we try to find out what you are (o: They also checked my Hgb since I had felt dizzy recently. The level was even better than the previous blood draw! It's good to know things are going well. Since I can't feel you yet, the appointments bring suh reassurance that you're alive and well. Thank you God that there hasn't been any scare of miscarriage. I know that this child is Yours and You can take it home at any time. But, I do truly thank you for the reassurance at each step that all is well thus far.


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