April 15th, 2012

We try and plan two events around the Tulip Festival every year, one big get together with all of our Portland friends we used to live next to and another get together with our Life Group at church. This year we did both all in one weekend-a bit crazy but a ton of fun and definitely worth it. Since we live within walking distance, our venture down to the field usually starts with tractor/trailer ride through the orchard and then we walk the rest of the way to the festival. Makes for some great memories... Here's the bandwagon of Portlanders...
Ridin' on the hay bales...Just me and my boys.
The famous slide...it's one of the only things that's free and ALWAYS a hit. Not sure why they like it so much...It's an incredibly bumpy ride the entire way down!
Family. (Calvin was asleep...not about to wake him up for a picture)
Here are some good ones... A bit of parental guidance, but the captured poses + expressions tell all. William and his friend Kenna (just barely 2 months younger than W) while in line for the slide...for the hundredth time... Maybe if I pretend I'm not looking, she'll ignore me...
Aren't girls supposed to have coodies or something?...
Ah, Mooommm!
Watch out girls...gotta get past Mama before you can have my boy (o;


Soooo cute! Precious moments for sure!

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