Laos Baby

Auntie Tauna (or Auntie "Ta Ta" as William calls her), wasn't in the States when Calvin was born. She moved to Japan right after William turned one and then traveled to Brazil for four months before heading back to the U.S. We missed her. She's been the only one in my family that lived here in Oregon when we decided to start a family and was actually in the room when William was born. We have a special bond. She now lives back down in CA and unfortunately, we'll only get to see her maybe twice a year. But, we thank God for the little things like Skype (so we can actually see her when we talk!) and the little gifts she sends like this one(o; Tauna brought it back from her adventures in Laos (o; So, I probably should have put it on him like a month ago...He grows too fast! We managed to still button it up and I think it's just so stinkin' cute. This one's for you "Ta Ta"! Only thing that would've made it better was to have you in the picture holding him. WE LOVE YOU!


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