April 8th, Mr. C is 5 months old!

My little Calvin is 5 months old today (yes, he's still little in my eyes, even if he is almost 20lbs). Time seems to be flying by much more quickly as Calvin grows. I feel like it was just yesterday we were taking him home from the hospital...Is there a pause button somewhere that I can push?

Calvin's a lot more interactive now. He's pretty keen to his Mama and gives Dad a hard time the evenings I work and Dad's in charge for the night. He can let out a pretty good cry! He's glued to William as he watches him bounce around the room in front of him. He easily smiles and giggles now and is such a cute little man. He's now realized he has feet and I just love it when he grabs on to them and sways back and forth. He can almost fit his whole fist into his mouth and loves to gnaw on his fingers, drooling everywhere!

Here he is, rockin' Tummy Time!

He does really well holding his head up and doesn't mind tummy time for quite awhile. Then the head gets heavy and he decides it's no fun sniffing the floor.

William absolutely loves his little brother. He's always wanting to make him laugh like Mama does. The interaction between the two is heartwarming. Calvin definitely knows his big brother's voice.

Here are some videos...so you can see his cuteness in action.

I can't believe that next month we start solid food!


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