April 8th, 2012 Happy Easter!

This year was the first time William went to a formalized Easter egg hunt other . We met friends from church at the Canby Fairgrounds and I decided, since he was the only 3yr old within our group of friends, that I would just keep him in the 0-2age range. William's not the type that's gonna run like a mad man for eggs while pushing over the younger kids (o; In fact, quite the opposite. He's always been a very cautious little boy. Instead of running himself (of which I was encouraging him to do!), he wanted to hold my hand and take me to each egg that he picked up. I had to take advantage of it...Not like he's going to want to hold my hand forever.
Here he is in all his excitement, hiding his face from Mom with the camera.

And then he started shaking them...maybe there actually is something in there like Mom said there was going to be (like I would lie to you William!).

We ended up with 6 eggs. I was so proud of him. And even though he didn't show much excitement while "hunting", you should have heard him talk about it the entire car ride home. The eggs and their tiny toys were all he played with for the rest of the day. Pretty cute.

And then the hunt at Grandma Marsha's house...

"Where is it Dad?" (It took him awhile, but he found them.)

We got to meet the newest addition to the VanOrsow family, Parker Allen. Congratulations Mark, Brooke and Peyton! He looks so tiny compared to my Calvin!
Here's Grandpa Bruce and Parker with Grandma Marsha and Calvin

Calvin got some quality time with Auntie Lori (o;

The boys always love hangin' out with Uncle Curtis...literally (o;

To the One who has Risen and brings us the hope of eternity!
Happy Easter!


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