His Artsy side

It's neat watching William grow and change into the little boy that he is. I know it's going to be a blink of an eye before I'm looking at a little boy that's turned into a man...but we won't rush things too quickly. I'm enjoying where he's at-every day is precious. William's creative side has definitely shown through. There is hardly a day that goes by that he doesn't ask me to get the guitar case down so that he can play. Here he is strumming the "tar". He climbed up on the chair and called me in to bring him the guitar. He liked being able to rest it on the arm rests so that it was easier to strum (o;
And as the big brother, you must always teach the younger brother.
Craftin' a little macaroni...(while eating a little too-for some reason he loves to crunch raw pasta). He told me he was making a "boat"-a Noah's ark to be exact.
Here he is right before Easter with his friend Peter. They had fun finger painting eggs together. William decided that he wanted to paint a rainbow on a piece of paper too!
He loves to paint watercolors and fingerpaints. We often get out the color crayons and pencils. He just loves color! And he especially loves playdough! Every Sunday at church, he starts off Sunday school mushing and shaping playdough. Thanks to Teach Sandy, we got the recipe and made some of our own for home. Here he is after we mixed up a batch of his favorite color...GREEN! This is how you do it Calvin...
Here he is with "Teacher Sandy" putting together a puzzle (his favorite at church, so he tells me). An incredible woman who has devoted her time each Sunday morning to spread the love of Jesus to the 2 and 3 yr olds. She has been a vital part of William's growth and learning. We love you Sandy!
The list could go on... And although he loves to craft and color, he also loves (like any 3yr old boy) to run around wild and free while playing outside. Stay tuned for the next post!


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