Camping with Grandma

Although plans had to be a bit rearranged this year for our scheduled camping trip weekend with Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Bruce (due to her appendectomy), I don't think any of us could say we had any less fun. 

We got to sleep in comfy beds with comfy pillows and I don't think I got ONE mosquito bite (o;  We enjoyed four wheeling, frog catching, good eating, lots of marshmallowing (okay that's not a word but I had to) and many laughs.  Who needs a campground to have fun when we've got each other!? 

Four wheelin'

Frog Catchin'
There's something about family that beings me so much joy (o;
And because I can't think of another picture I have of the two of them together...
Love these two to pieces (o;


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