Jan. 17th, 2008 Showered with Blessings... 35 weeks 2 days

I was once again blessed by the people I love at second baby shower. My friend Emily from CCC planned, preped and hosted an absolutely wonderful shower at her house in Canby. It gave me the chance to invite those friends from CCC as well as some family and friends from Eugene, Amity and even a friend from Portland that wasn't able to make it to my first shower.
You'll see a picture of the cake. The running joke is still that Curtis' Uncle Dan named our son "Mister" and it's caught on with a lot of other people since we aren't telling anyone his name. I thought her congratulations on the cake was pretty cute.
We played a game where everyone had to take yarn and try and guess how big around I was. Sister in law Michele one that one! She was exactly right on when I stretched the yarn around my belly!
It was such a fun day. I thank Emily for planning and hosting it all for me and "Mister". She did such a great job!


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