Saying Goodbye...

We were fortunate enough to get to spend some extra time with Auntie Tata before she left for another extended stay in Japan (she has another teaching job there for at least a yr while she fulfills her contract...+ she's got someone she's pretty fond of over there (o;  Yudi-we're so glad you were able to visit us here too!).  Usually she's in California with the rest of my family and then leaves the country via LAX, BUT she was up here visiting the Portland area so we were able to spend a few nights with us before we took her to the airport this morning.

Here are some of my favorites from our time together...

Tauna, Yudi and Calvin!

A sunny break in the weather called us to the orchard for a walk!...or run!

Not sure about William's face in this one, but...Still cute!

And here's Auntie Tata gettin' a little Calvin giggle on...(o;

Definitely a moment I wanted to capture...It was early, so I just transferred the boys from their beds to their carseats before we headed to the airport.  William got excited when he realized we weren't just going to drop Auntie Tata off, but were going to get to go inside!  As I walked behind the two of them, I captured this...

We gave our hugs and then watched her make her way through security.  Then, we made one last wave goodbye through some glass as she walked through the terminal to her gate.  As the boys and I made it back to the car, before I picked William up and put him in he told me, "Mama, I really love Auntie Tata..."

This one's for you Tune...I love you.


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