A Southern California visit...

It had been eight whole months...you read that right, eight.  Since we'd seen Gpa Greg and Gma Kim that is.  We decided that it was WAY too long between visits.  Calvin had started taking his first few steps at Gma and Gpa's house just a few days before we left after Christmas this past year.  Crazy to think...cause now he's a runnin' machine (o;

Not only did we get to see Mom and Dad this visit, we managed to squeeze in a quick visit with quite a few friends (and family!).  Darren and Lisa, Bill and Carol + Syd and Addie, Great Aunt Carol, Ruth, Jodi & Randy, Dennis & Fredi, Ron and Donna, Allen Halloway, Naomi and Debbie Shields, Hazel Dyche, Tyler and Meghan (and we can't forget their little one on the way!), The Hester family, Ellis & Soka...hmmm...I think that covers it!  We fit a lot of visiting in a short week!

We also...

Read tractor books.

Picked Grapes

Took naps (one of the great things Dad does when he's on vacation).

Worked on a little construction project.

Went for walks in the orchard.

Road the lawn mower.

Hung out with family.

Read some more books (it's one of Calvin's favorite things as of late)

Made super hero masks.

Went to the old farm and drove a back hoe...

...down the road!

And did a whole lot of lovin' on Grandpa and Grandma!  
We love you and already can't wait till we see you at Thanksgiving!


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